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Every day, more than 1,000 people from the US and around the world move to Florida.

The reason people are flocking to the Sunshine State isn’t just the beaches and the idyllic weather, above all it’s the state’s particularly favorable conditions for investment and business start-ups. Thanks to AVT Service, it’s now possible for you to get a foothold in the US. Whether you want to invest in Florida and make your portfolio more international or found a company there to benefit from the state’s tax benefits, AVT Service will develop the ideal solution for you, one that is individual, tailored to your needs and goal-oriented.

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Finding the right rental property

Vacationing in Florida is a dream, especially if you’re renting a villa on the coast. However, your search for the ideal vacation property can be complicated by several factors. What is the right property for your demands? What are the costs of renting? How can you save on tax? Who will manage your property when you’re not there? What about insurance? How do you rent if you’re not a US citizen?

The list of questions you will face when searching for a rental property can be very long. AVT Service will help you choose a suitable property in the right location and will consider every detail to make sure that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your holiday.

Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate in Florida isn’t just interesting for private use. The acquisition of already rented apartments is also quite lucrative. In addition to the fact that property is much cheaper in Florida than in other parts of the US and, above all, than in Germany, there are other notable advantages. These include, among other things, tax breaks and state subsidies.

If you have any questions about investing in real estate in Florida, our excellent team with our years of experience will be able to help. In addition, AVT Service will take care of all the processing hurdles for you in close cooperation with our licensed US partners.

This doesn’t only apply to the acquisition of property. We advise you every step of the way and are also there for you after the acquisition. Providing continued support for your real estate purchase is a fundamental component of our comprehensive service.

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Founding a company in Florida

Establishing a company in Florida opens up a lot of new opportunities in the region and the US market as a whole.

The advantageous tax rates in the US are well-known, but in Florida, there is no state income tax and sales taxes are also very favorable. However, these are only some of the factors that make establishing a company in Florida such a lucrative proposition not only for US citizens but for German people and companies as well.

While there may be a long list of criteria to satisfy when establishing a company in Florida, with the right partner by your side, nothing stands in the way of expansion.

With AVT Service, you’ll receive extensive assistance with the establishment and guidance of your company in Florida.

Our experience speaks for itself

A long time ago, we dared to invest in the US ourselves. Thanks to our many years of experience and our comprehensive understanding of tax systems, corporate culture and investment in the US, we’re now in a position to offer our clients the best possible advice. But AVT Service doesn’t stop with consultation.

It is part of our corporate culture at AVT Service to support our clients in the implementation of their plans. On request, we can take over the entire process and handle subsequent support needs. As a member of the AVT Portal we are looking forward to many years of experiences in the fields of retirement provision and investment consulting.