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Berthold Schadek

Financial Advisor – Investment Advisor – Business Economist

Founder & CEO of AVT Service, born May 27, 1944

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“Risk is what´s left when you think you have thought of everything.” Carl Richards

You can’t be reasonably expected to think of everything. That’s why we take on those areas that you may have missed in matters of assets, inheritance, taxes, and pension provision. With our expert support, you can rest assured your risk is always as low as possible.

Berthold Schadek's Biography

Born 1944 in Belchenthal/Lask, Mr. Berthold Schadek has been active in the field of financial, asset and investment consulting since the early 1970s. Berthold Schadek can draw not only on his experience, but also on his solid training in the financial sector.

As managing director of the AVT Verbund, he is responsible for holistic and comprehensive solutions in the field of asset management and consulting. What is more, constant further development is always at the center of his actions, based on the motto: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get
what you’ve always got.”

Following this credo from Henry Ford, Schadek’s work is shaped by experience and readiness for further development.

After completing his military service in the German Armed Forces, Schadek studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne from 1970 to 1973.

Once he had successfully graduated, he embarked on a career at Bonnfinanz AG in the area of investment consulting. This was where Schadek, as assistant to the board of directors, was able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained during his studies, while also expanding his abilities further.

Soon his professional development and, above all, his exceptional commitment were rewarded with progression to the role of regional director of Bonnfinanz AG in 1975. The now far greater responsibility was in no way an obstacle for Schadek. On the contrary, in the following years he was able to further expand his experience in the area of financial and investment consulting.

In 1982, Schadek moved on to SECURENT GmbH as a shareholder and managing director, where he managed the company’s fortunes for the next 8 years. Here too he was able to further develop his store of experience in all areas of the financial market.

At SECURENT GmbH, his portfolio in the field of investment consulting grew significantly over the years, so that the logical consequence became the wish to develop his own position even further within a company. In 1990, Schadek moved to AVAL AG, where he was responsible for assets, legal affairs, and taxes.

To date, he remains a member of the Executive Board and is responsible for all activities in the aforementioned areas. Now, Schadek focuses not only on the interests of the company but also on the clients’ needs, as well as on the continuous improvement and further development of his service portfolio.

Here again, Schadek is able to draw on the knowledge and skills he has developed, as well as on his well-founded training, and he has continually improved. His strengths include not only an ability to analyze international financial markets but also to evaluate the client’s situation. Based on the results of these analyses, he is able to develop solutions that meet the clients’ requirements and, thus, to guarantee the best possible consulting for their needs.

The logical consequence was the development of an expert network: the former AVAL Verbund – now named AVT Verbund. Thanks to this holistic approach, all advisory services in the areas of asset management, generational planning, taxes, and legal issues are seamlessly integrated and can be optimally planned for the client as a whole. With his extensive experience in the various areas of asset and investment consulting, Schadek is able to make a significant contribution.

AVT is, therefore, able to provide its clients with an all-round service, the primary aim of which is to find the right solution for any situation. Particular importance is attached to the fact that all service providers within the AVT network are exclusively committed to client interests. The
development of the principle “Everything under one roof, but not from a single source” not only guarantees the client more success and security, but is also based on the broad experience of Schadek, who not only wants to stand out from the competition but, above all, can offer optimal

Success continues to prove him right and constant further development allows him to keep the standards high, continuing to echo what Henry Ford advised: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”!

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