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Investing in Florida with AVT Service

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The dream of owning your own property in paradise …or something like this:

Florida: Vacation Booked, Investment Found

Ask anyone what they think of when you say the word “Florida” and they will start talking about holidays, year-round beautiful weather, palm trees, beaches and ocean vistas. Florida does indeed have many fantastic beaches and it’s a paradise for boaters.

When you’re there, enjoying life in a spacious villa with a pool and a boat moored by the front door, it’s easy to let your troubles slide away. But have you ever thought of asking about the purchase prices of these Floridian wonderlands? You’ll soon find that Florida is a paradise in this respect as well.

Floridian real estate prices are extremely favorable in comparison to many other regions of the US. Where else can you buy land for less than $10,000? Moreover, anyone who takes the trouble to ask about Florida’s tax system will find out the following. In contrast to most US states, there’s no income tax in Florida or even, as is the case in some regions, a municipal income tax. So, with its other already low US tax rates, the Sunshine State is also a paradise from a tax point of view.

The next question you may then ask yourself is: Is it interesting to invest money in Florida?

Investing in Germany

The low returns that can be achieved through safe investments in Germany, as well as the increasing uncertainty about the euro, are making people think twice. In this context, investors are forced to look for alternatives.

Real estate has always been an attractive investment option, especially for those eager to achieve a steady, passive income in old age. Since, in Germany, investment in residential real estate typically provides only modest returns, one interesting alternative is to look into a flat in Florida to rent on a long-term basis.

Investing in Florida

Every day, more than 1,000 people from the US and around the world move to Florida and many exploit the state’s outstanding investment opportunities. Problems with tenants, as experienced in Germany, are largely unheard of in Florida.

If only people knew how little effort is required to acquire a highly rentable apartment in Florida offering potential returns of over 10%. For those familiar only with the German real estate market, this is hardly imaginable. But in Florida, it’s a reality.

In addition, investing in a property in Florida promotes independence from the euro. Regardless of whether it is possible to stabilize the euro or not, a broad portfolio that does not consist solely of euro-based investments is highly recommended. This creates opportunities and reduces risks.

The tax advantages are the icing on the cake. Taxpayers in Germany can collect high rental incomes from Floridian properties that are almost tax-free.

Think about it for a moment. With the additional income you could easily finance your next vacation in the Sunshine State. Contact us to find out how you can exploit these possibilities without having to live in Florida full-time.